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ISVA starts Saturday Language School

Dear Parents,

The registration process for the ISVA Saturday School is now in full swing and the groups are filling steadily, to date 35 children have been registered. We are delighted to have a full team of staff and to welcome such experienced and dedicated teachers to our Saturday School. Our Saturday Language School starts 22nd October 2011.

The idea for the Saturday School was inspired by the enormous success of our Summer Camp this year. Over a three week period during the summer holidays we had approximately 170 children from across Berlin attending our camp on the grounds of the International School Villa Amalienhof. The camp not only gave the children the opportunity to significantly improve their English skills but also offered them the chance to make new friends and have a great time in the process. Having run the camp for 4 years, ISVA has gained a lot of experience and built up a great teaching team. We intend to use this as the basis for our Saturday School. The children will not only learn Russian or English, but will also actively participate in sport and other fun and creative learning activities. A hot lunch as well as a transport service with the school bus will be available, giving parents a few hours to themselves without having to worry about their children.

Most of the applications we have received so far are for children aged between 3 – 10 years. If you wish to enrol an older child for English or Russian lessons, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are flexible and offer our language course to different age groups from a minimum of 4 students, for example, more and more German parents would like their children to learn Russian so we are in the process of organising such a group. New ISVA students, who do not yet speak sufficient English, are recommended to attend the Saturday School English course for several months to be able to access the regular school curriculum more quickly.

Please direct all inquiries and requests to If you would like a personal consultation let us know and we will make an appointment. We would greatly appreciate you recommending the ISVA and Saturday School to your friends.

Yours sincerely
Antonia Müller
Project Coordinator